Following our continuous eagerness to improve our On-Site HAZARDOUS HEALTH CARE WASTE (HHCW) system and equipment,COMTEM™   is pleased and proud to announce the launch of new automatic loading and unloading systems as an addition to the market leading STERIFLASH™ equipment options.

These systems yield in 4 loading options:

a)       Automatic Conveyor Belts for automatic waste loading,
b)      Automatic Piping System to be directly connected to hospital and other facilities pipe systems
c)       Automatic Trolley loading
d)      Elevator for manual loading of bags and boxes


And 2 automatic unloading configurations:

a)       Automatic extraction into buckets
b)      Automatic extraction with trolley-filling conveyor belt.


We hope this new options will result of your interest and we will be pleased to receiving your comments, questions and opinions about our company and equipment.


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