STERIFLASHTM equipment for 2019-nCoV coronavirus infected waste

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends steam-based treatment technologies to disinfect/sterilize highly infectious waste (*), like waste infected with 2019-nCoV coronavirus.

The STERIFLASH™ equipment for on-site treatment of Hazardous Health Care Waste (HHCW), by shredding and a saturated steam cycle works under such principle. It presents significant qualitative (in terms of process simplification, volume reduction, safety and environmental risks minimization, etc.), as well as quantitative (economic savings, resources needed, disposal times, etc.), advantages for all types of biological and medical waste producers: hospital, clinics, laboratories, etc.


In the these systems, medical waste is shredded through a shredding cassette specifically designed for treating different types of medical waste. The shredded waste is decontaminated by a saturated steam process at high pressure. Evaporated gases flow through a HEPA microbiological filter while liquids are drained off, once treated, via the waste water network. At the end of the process, the decontaminated solid waste can be collected and processed like ordinary, infectious-free municipal waste.


The STERIFLASH™ process presents a solution based on the main guiding principles recognized as the basis for effective and controlled management of waste: the “precautionary” principle; the “duty of care” principle;  and the “proximity” principle, by reducing the distance that the infected waste travel, as well as reducing the time of exposure to infected waste, since it can be treated closer and sooner to where and when it is produced, hence decreasing the risk of infection, including to coronavirus 2019-nCoV.


(*)Source: WHO

See section 6.1, page11:;jsessionid=CDB35C412731A1770644B22E26DB25BD?sequence=1


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